How to wash foam pillows

Foam PillowEvery year you should reassess the condition of your foam pillows. During the annual pillow checkup if you decide that your foam pillows are still in good condition you should clean them properly before you return them in your bed. If you have never cleaned foam pillows before, here is what you should do.

Always commence your foam pillow cleaning project on a warm day. You will need the warm air to dry your pillows once you have cleaned them. Start the pillow cleaning by removing the covers from the pillows.

Next head into your bathroom and fill your bath tub with warm water. Add into the water several drops of hand washing liquid soap. Allow the soap to sit in the water for several minutes before you sponge the foam pillows. When you are sponging the pillows don’t knead or wring them as you will damage them. Instead gently push the pillows into the water every time that they resurface.

Now grab one of your pillows and rinse it thoroughly with the aid of your bath tub’s shower head. Once you have rinsed a pillow you must remove the excess water from it. Once again don’t wring the pillow. Instead use a large towel and wrap it around the foam pillow. Leave the towel to sit from about five minutes, so that it can absorb as much water as possible. Once the water has been absorbed move the pillow to the drying area and commence rinsing and removing the excess water from another pillow. Do this until all pillows have been treated.

Here is what you should do for the drying stage of your cleaning project. Lay the pillows over a sweater drying device or over your bed and open the windows to allow the warm air to enter into the room. Make sure that you don’t place the pillows in an area of the room which has contact to direct sunlight as the sunlight will damage the foaming of the pillows. You can even open the door of the room to create a current that will allow the warm air to flow through the room.

Once the foam pillows are completely dry, pat them back in shape and put back their pillow covers and pillow cases. When done, arrange the pillow on your bed and voila you will have clean foam pillows to sleep on.

If all this seems too complicated, time and energy consuming for you, know that you can always use the services of Cleaners Orpington. You can either hire the cleaning company to clean your entire household from top to bottom or to only clean your foam pillows. Regardless which you choose at the end you will receive top notch cleaning services with which you will be fully satisfied.

Now that you know how you can maintain your foam pillow clean and fresh make sure that you wash them at least once a year because sleeping on dirty pillows shouldn’t be an option for you or the other members of your family.