Things that damage your carpet

Taking care of your carpet is essential when you are looking to prolong its life. We all understand that getting it dirty or faded will not affect it nicely. According to there are many things that will harm the fabrics and you should do everything in your power to prevent it.

First off placing your carpet is essential. You need to know what sort of sunlight will fall on it. If you put it somewhere close to a window you need to make sure it won’t get faced easily. There are a number of solutions that will add a protective layer to the surface and keep the sun away. If you have your carpet somewhere where direct sunlight doesn’t have easy access to it then you should be fine. But other things can cause fading as well. For example bleaching is such a factor. We all understand that getting rid of special types of dirt require special measures but heavy bleaching might leave spots on the carpet permanently. Even if there are no stains the fabric will get damaged and start to thin out and then fade.

Many times trying to help your carpet you might end up harming it. For example people are always eager to vacuum it thinking it will be alright. That is generally correct but there is a certain time during which you should vacuum it. If you decide to steam clean it, which is an excellent, idea you must remember to always vacuum the carpet prior to the steam cleaning procedure. If the dry particles aren’t removed off of it they will remain there even after the sanitation. Soon enough the carpet will appear dirty again and you don’t want that to be the case.

Steam cleaning also needs to be done carefully. For example while doing it do not ever use a cleaning solution. This will prevent you from removing all of the oily stains. See the dirt gets trapped in the oil and it will come out but the residue will stay. It will appear tidy at first but then it will become visible that the carpet is still dirty.

There’s always the danger of staining your carpet with food. Have you asked yourself why most people don’t have carpets in their kitchens – that’s why. When you cook or carry plates with food around many times some crumbs will fall on the ground. If there’s a carpet beneath you it will get badly stained almost every day. It is up to you not to allow that by simply having a carpet away from where you cook your meals.

Even after you’re done cleaning your carpet with a detergent it can get dirty again easily if you do not rinse it properly. You shouldn’t wash the rug in a hurry because if the solution remains there it will become sticky as it dries out and will leave not only stains but will attract dirt as well.