How To Remove Stains From Your Plasticware?

If your plasticware is stained due to the spaghetti with tomato sauce you previously placed in there then I have news for you – you can easily get rid of those stains. I know that no matter how many times you wash it with hot soapy water or scrub it with a sponge they won’t seem to come out – this has been a huge problem for me in the past as well.

But, thankfully, I discovered an amazing hack which you can use in order to clean your plasticware and make sure those stains are gone!

In fact, I have two hacks for you!

That is right, not one but two different ways you can remove those stubborn stains!

The first one is quite simple – all you need is denture tablets. Fill the container with warm water and drop one tablet in there. Leave it overnight then wash the container by hand.

Those tablets work very well due to the baking soda and citric acid that they contain. And after all they are formulated to dissolve stains, right?

If you don’t feel like buying denture tablets just for the sake of removing stains off of plasticware then the second hack is for you!

All you need is the sun… yes, the sun! Place the stained container in direct sunlight and leave it there for a few days. Sun exposure will fade the stains but you need to be patient! The stains won’t be gone in 5 minutes which is why most people prefer the first hack – it won’t take as much time! But if you aren’t in a hurry then you can use this second one – after all, it’s free!