Wondering how to clean your air fryer? Find out how.

Do you own an air fryer that you use quite often? I know I love fried foods and the air fryer has helped me so much ever since I got it.

Cleaning it is very important and when you first purchase yours the cleaning process can get overwhelming. But I am here to guide you through it.

Wash after every use

There are parts of the air fryer that you need to wash after every use. They include the basket, tray, and pan.

Wash them just like any other utensils – with soap and warm water. You can also place them in the dishwasher. But if you prefer to do that check the instruction manual first – you want to reassure yourself that these pieces are dishwasher-safe since that is not always the case.

Wash every couple of uses

There is a little greasy residue left on the fryer, therefore, you should damp cloth and wipe the exterior after every couple of uses.

How to deep clean your air fryer?

Is there an odor coming out of your air fryer? If that is the case then it’s time for you to deep clean it and remove any trapped food particles. It’s quite simple – you need some baking soda and water. Form a paste with these ingredients and scrub the interior of the air fryer either with a brush or an old toothbrush.

  • Do not use any metal cleaning tools to scrub your air fryer with because they will damage the non-stick coating.

9 health benefits of eating broccoli

Broccoli, just like every other vegetable, has multiple benefits for your body and your health. Plus, it’s delicious and can be prepared so many different ways.
• It’s good for your bones
With the high levels of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, broccoli is good for your bones and can prevent osteoporosis.
• It’s good for your heart
Broccoli contains fibers and vitamins that are great for the heart. They can also help with reducing bad cholesterol (which also leads to having a healthy heart).
• It’s a natural antioxidant
Broccoli is a great way to provide your body with the right amount of antioxidants.
• It will reduce allergic reactions
Broccoli contains omega 3 and kaempferol which is great for calming allergic reactions.
• It can reduce the risk of cancer
Along with cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, broccoli has properties that can reduce the risk of cancer.
• It can reduce bad cholesterol
As we saw broccoli is packed with many healthy vitamins and fibers. Another fiber that it has is soluble which actually draws cholesterol out of the body.
• It can help you lose weight
Broccoli can aid in digestion, is rich in fiber which can help you lose weight.
• It’s good for your skin
Eating broccoli is the way to healthy glowing skin. The antioxidants and nutrients in it protect the skin from infections and keep the natural glow.
• It’s good for your eyes
Eye health is important – and broccoli can maintain it very easily. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene. All of these things do amazing at protecting the eyes against cataract, muscular degeneration. The can even repair all the harm that phones and computers do to our eyes.
• It has anti-aging benefits
Broccoli is great for anti-aging. All of the antioxidants that it contains fight the free radicals (they damage the skin cause aging). What eating broccoli will do is reduce skin issues, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles.

Things that damage your carpet

Taking care of your carpet is essential when you are looking to prolong its life. We all understand that getting it dirty or faded will not affect it nicely. According to there are many things that will harm the fabrics and you should do everything in your power to prevent it.

First off placing your carpet is essential. You need to know what sort of sunlight will fall on it. If you put it somewhere close to a window you need to make sure it won’t get faced easily. There are a number of solutions that will add a protective layer to the surface and keep the sun away. If you have your carpet somewhere where direct sunlight doesn’t have easy access to it then you should be fine. But other things can cause fading as well. For example bleaching is such a factor. We all understand that getting rid of special types of dirt require special measures but heavy bleaching might leave spots on the carpet permanently. Even if there are no stains the fabric will get damaged and start to thin out and then fade.

Many times trying to help your carpet you might end up harming it. For example people are always eager to vacuum it thinking it will be alright. That is generally correct but there is a certain time during which you should vacuum it. If you decide to steam clean it, which is an excellent, idea you must remember to always vacuum the carpet prior to the steam cleaning procedure. If the dry particles aren’t removed off of it they will remain there even after the sanitation. Soon enough the carpet will appear dirty again and you don’t want that to be the case.

Steam cleaning also needs to be done carefully. For example while doing it do not ever use a cleaning solution. This will prevent you from removing all of the oily stains. See the dirt gets trapped in the oil and it will come out but the residue will stay. It will appear tidy at first but then it will become visible that the carpet is still dirty.

There’s always the danger of staining your carpet with food. Have you asked yourself why most people don’t have carpets in their kitchens – that’s why. When you cook or carry plates with food around many times some crumbs will fall on the ground. If there’s a carpet beneath you it will get badly stained almost every day. It is up to you not to allow that by simply having a carpet away from where you cook your meals.

Even after you’re done cleaning your carpet with a detergent it can get dirty again easily if you do not rinse it properly. You shouldn’t wash the rug in a hurry because if the solution remains there it will become sticky as it dries out and will leave not only stains but will attract dirt as well.

How to clean a bedroom in approximately five minutes

Clean a BedroomAre you so tired that you are annoyed by the fact that you must clean your bedroom call End of Tenancy now and they’ll take care of this for you. But else, let us tell you that there is a way to clean your bedroom in no more than five minutes and we will present it to you.

Commence by turning on the music. Play some high temp songs that will give you the necessary energy and speed you up. Next open a window and pull everything from under your bed, dresser, night tables and etc.

Now that everything is out in the open, start by pushing in one corner of the room any large items such as chairs, storage containers, and etc. Next clear everything that is on your bed except the bed linens and make your bed. Continue by picking up all your clothes that are on the floor, chairs and so on. Fold the clothes as quickly as you can and place them in your wardrobe and dresser. Next gather all your dirty clothes and place them in your laundry basket.

Now gather all miscellaneous items from your bedroom and sort them accordingly. For instance place all the dishes and glasses together, all the books together, photographs and memorabilia together and so on. Once you have grouped the random items that you have picked up, place the items at their proper place, such as the dishes and the glasses in the kitchen sink, the books on the bookcase, the memorabilia on your dresser’s and night table’s surface and etc.

Next gather all the trash that is in your room and place it in a garbage bag. Then grab your laundry basket and garbage bag and take them to the laundry room and garage or kitchen respectively. While you are in the kitchen wash the dirty dishes and glasses that you can brought from your bedroom.

Return to your bedroom and with the aid of a duster collect all the dust that has accumulated on your bedroom surfaces. End the bedroom cleaning by running a vacuum and closing the window which you had previously opened. Now that only thing that you have to do is to return the large items that you have pushed in one corner of the room back at their place. You can add a final touch by lighting some scented candles to give to your bedroom a more pleasant scent.

On the other hand if you are so tired that you aren’t even willing to conduct a quickly clean of your bedroom, know that you can always call professional cleaners to clean the room for you. You won’t find a hard time finding high quality cleaning services as nowadays such are providing by numerous companies throughout the city. Please note that today the best cleaning companies work with eco-friendly products that are 100% safe.

As you see there are several ways to maintain a bedroom clean and free of clutter and now that you know them you shouldn’t be negligent towards our bedroom cleaning duties because sleeping in a dirty bedroom shouldn’t be an option for you. 

How to wash foam pillows

Foam PillowEvery year you should reassess the condition of your foam pillows. During the annual pillow checkup if you decide that your foam pillows are still in good condition you should clean them properly before you return them in your bed. If you have never cleaned foam pillows before, here is what you should do.

Always commence your foam pillow cleaning project on a warm day. You will need the warm air to dry your pillows once you have cleaned them. Start the pillow cleaning by removing the covers from the pillows.

Next head into your bathroom and fill your bath tub with warm water. Add into the water several drops of hand washing liquid soap. Allow the soap to sit in the water for several minutes before you sponge the foam pillows. When you are sponging the pillows don’t knead or wring them as you will damage them. Instead gently push the pillows into the water every time that they resurface.

Now grab one of your pillows and rinse it thoroughly with the aid of your bath tub’s shower head. Once you have rinsed a pillow you must remove the excess water from it. Once again don’t wring the pillow. Instead use a large towel and wrap it around the foam pillow. Leave the towel to sit from about five minutes, so that it can absorb as much water as possible. Once the water has been absorbed move the pillow to the drying area and commence rinsing and removing the excess water from another pillow. Do this until all pillows have been treated.

Here is what you should do for the drying stage of your cleaning project. Lay the pillows over a sweater drying device or over your bed and open the windows to allow the warm air to enter into the room. Make sure that you don’t place the pillows in an area of the room which has contact to direct sunlight as the sunlight will damage the foaming of the pillows. You can even open the door of the room to create a current that will allow the warm air to flow through the room.

Once the foam pillows are completely dry, pat them back in shape and put back their pillow covers and pillow cases. When done, arrange the pillow on your bed and voila you will have clean foam pillows to sleep on.

If all this seems too complicated, time and energy consuming for you, know that you can always use the services of Cleaners Orpington. You can either hire the cleaning company to clean your entire household from top to bottom or to only clean your foam pillows. Regardless which you choose at the end you will receive top notch cleaning services with which you will be fully satisfied.

Now that you know how you can maintain your foam pillow clean and fresh make sure that you wash them at least once a year because sleeping on dirty pillows shouldn’t be an option for you or the other members of your family.

How to remove chewing gum from an LCD TV

CLeaning LCDAs amazing as it sounds, chewing gum is one of the hardest things to remove from an LCD TV set (or pretty much any surface for that matter). It is like this because LDC screens are made of soft films which are very fragile and delicate and can easily be damaged when pressure is applied. This is why we have decided to write down a step by step tutorial which will allow you to remove chewing gum from your LDC TV without damaging the screen.

Step 1: Start by checking your owner’s manual for the recommended cleaning products and methods to use on your television. It is very important that you do this before your commence treating the chewing gum as you will know what you can do, and what you can’t do. Also if your TV is still under warranty you will be able to protect yourself from doing something that may void it.

Step 2: Unplug your LDC television and allow it to cool down for five to ten minutes before you commence treating it.

Step 3: Grab a spray bottle and pour in it one part of distilled white vinegar and one part of distilled water. Shake the bottle until the ingredients are well mix. Never under any circumstances use ordinary tap water as tap water will leave moisture residue behind which can be fatal for your LDC screen.

Step 4: Spray several squirts of the aforementioned mixture onto a microfiber cloth or soft lint free cotton cloth. Make sure that the cloth is moistened and not wet. Also never spray the mixture directly onto the LDC screen as you will damage it.

Step 5: Start to gently blot the chewing gum with the moistened cloth. The vinegar in the mixture will dissolve and soften the chewing gum which will make it easier to remove. Do your very best to blot only the chewing gum and not the surface of your television screen.

Step 6: Now gently wipe the chewing gum from your TV screen. If necessary start peeling the gum from the screen. Keep in mind that you may have to repeat the blotting and wiping process several times until the chewing gum in completely removed from the surface of your LDC screen. Use a new cloth or at least a new clean section of your cloth every time that you are about to blot the gum. Also remember not to apply too much pressure on the screen as you may damage it.

Step 7: Once the gum is removed allow your television to dry completely before you plug it back and turn it on.

If all this seems too complicated and time consuming for you, you can always use the cleaning services of a professional cleaning company . Keep in mind that nowadays most cleaning companies are working with affordable cleaning fees so you won’t have to break bank in order to afford top notch cleaning services.

Regardless which approach you choose, at the end you will have a clean LDC television which you will be able to enjoy by watching your favourite movies and television shows.